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Sir Thomas Wharton Academy utilises a range of digital communication methods to provide key information quickly and easily to parents/carers. Emails replace printed letters, which are only now sent to parents/carers without access to a computer or smartphone.

Key benefits of using these methods include:

  • Academy information will be received instantly and letters cannot be lost in the post or in student bags.
  • It is environmentally friendly.

  • Cost savings on postage, paper and photocopying.

  • Improved frequency of information, keeping parents/carers better informed.

To take advantage of this, it is important that we have up-to-date contact details, including an email address.

Please CLICK HERE to update your contact details.

Sir Thomas Wharton Academy also has a mobile app. Click the submenu for further details.



Copies of all letters sent to parents this academic year can be found by clicking the relevant link below: