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STWA Physical Education


Year 7 Thursday 22nd March  (Hayfield)
Year 8 Thursday 12th April  (Hayfield)
Year 9 Season complete
Year 10  



Year 7

Have played 14 games.

Won 10, drew 1, and lost 3.

Year 7 Team
Holly Mears
Mia England
Mollie Needham
Jessica Stanley
Ruby Higgins
Jessica Bentham
Lottie Slack
Daisy Guttridge
Shannon Butt
Imogen Thompson
Grace Lawrie
Tilly Clayphon
Isobelle Whaley
Morgan Hammond
Kaila Metcalfe


Year 8

Have played 13 games.

Won 10, drew 2 and lost 1.

Year 8 Team
Charlotte Clarkson
Leah Mullins
Sophie Gregory
Millie Rotherford
Mollie Sanderson
Daisy Ashwood
Alicia Smuthwaite-Lunn
Alyssa Fawston
Amelia Ashwood
Amelia Smeaton
Morgan Porter
Abigail Hartley
Holly Mears (Year 7)
Ruby Higgins (Year 7)


Year 9

Have played 9 games.

Won 4, drew 3 and lost 2.

Year 9 Team
Beau Constantine
Mpumi Vilakazi
Rebecca Mutton
Zeana Yakata
Elsie Barker
Grace Higgins
Lilly Chambers
Olivia Tinkler

Year 9 Netball

Year 10

Have played 4 games.

Won 2, drew 1 and lost 1.

Year 10 Team
Courtney Highfield
Hannah Mickley
Freya Littleford
Frances Mackintosh
Jessica Porter
Lucy Baker
Neve Cooper



Girls Netball Teams