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Expectations, Rewards and Sanctions

Ready to Learn

Students should ensure that they are ready to learn, in full uniform, attend lessons on time and bring the right equipment with them. This includes:

  • An STWA planner  (provided by the Academy).
  • A clear (see-through) pencil case with black pens, pencils, rubber, ruler and pencil sharpener.
  • A scientific calculator.
  • PE Kit - Indoor and outdoor  (when timetabled).



Sir Thomas Wharton Academy is committed to working with our students to identify the ‘Qualities of a successful learner.’

Developed with students, our learning expectation criteria is shaped around the acronym ‘PRIDE’ and focuses on the development of key learning traits such as resilience, perseverance, cooperation, learning from failure and never giving up.

The PRIDE acronym stands for a Prepared Learner, Responsible Learner, Invested Learner, Determined Learner and Emotionally Aware Learner.

We ask every student to ensure that they meet all of the habits of a successful learner in each of the five elements.



Student Pledges

Providing outstanding teaching and learning to secure every student with a suite of good and appropriate qualifications, is at the heart of Sir Thomas Wharton Academy. However, as our motto ‘Learning for Life, Succeeding Together’ promotes, we also believe in a rounded education that develops personal qualities, resilience and competencies to make our young people not only employable but lead a healthy, successful and fulfilled life.

‘Student Pledges’ is an awarding system for successful engagement in a range of different life experiences, all contributing to ‘Learning for Life.’ Each pledge is an entitlement, or, like the cast of the recent Academy production of Chicago, an opportunity to perform on a stage, or take a lead in a community based activity.

Pledges Booklet

Pledges Booklet

Pledges Booklet

Pledges Booklet


Rewards for Making Positive Choices

Always Make Positive Choices

Always Make Positive Choices PRIDE


Consequences for Making Negative Choices

Consequences For Negative Choices