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Mathematics Resources

Introducing Hegarty Maths 

Pleae click on the link below to listen to Mr Woodhouse (Director of Maths) and Mr Gent (Subject Specialist) discussing the introduction of Hegarty Maths at Sir Thomas Wharton Academy for Year 11. Exciting times! 

Hegarty Maths Introduction 

Mathematics trial Exam Preparation

Here is some information for students to prepare them for the upcoming trial examinations. Please click on the link for dates and topics for revision.

Maths Trial Exams Prep 1

Key Paper 3 Preparation

Here are some questions from topics that have yet to be assessed:




Half Term Preparation for Paper 2 and 3 Mathematics exams

All students have been given work packs to support their preparation for Papers 2 and 3 after half term. These include:

  • Two practice papers - Full worked solutions are below.

  • A 'best guess' paper (note these topics may not come up, but haven’t occurred as yet).

  • A topic list - topics that have yet to appear on this year’s papers.






In addition to this, we have detailed below several websites that you can use to access further revision. 

On Maths - an interactive online exam paper with a 'predicted' section.



Maths Genie - 'Predicted' papers for Paper 2.


Corbett Maths - online videos to focus on topics left to come.


Pinpoint - graded revision packs for Paper 2.