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Y3 States of Matter

Y3 students visited STWA from Edlington Victoria.

Y3 students from Edlington Victoria visited teh Academy to look at states of matter and the water cycle.

We received some fantastic feedback from the primary school and we ook forward to welcoming more Y3's back in the future.

Thanks so much for today. The children loved it and were talking about the activities all the way back to school! . The organisation was excellent and aimed accurately at the ability and understanding of the children. I have included a few quotes from the children below:

Mason: It was excellent! My favourite part was popping the can because I didn’t know that it was going happen.

Christopher: I was amazed because I didn’t think that when you put the ice cube on the clingfilm that it would rain. I thought he was going to turn the sprinklers on!

Aaron: It was good because I enjoyed all the science it was really fun.

Sinead: It was very exciting because we got to use goggles the man made the alcohol separate from the water and ink.