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Year 5 and Year 6 Open Evening Business

Thank you for your support.

Support a Start-up

Thank you to all visitors to the Year 5 / Year 6 Open Evening last month who donated loose change to ‘Support A Start’ through Oxfam’s Unwrapped Charity Gift. The money raised will be used to help a businesswoman living in poverty build the skills to run a successful enterprise. Providing access to literacy and numeracy training, along with mentoring and advice, the money helps to build confidence, capability and entrepreneurial success.

For more details, CLICK HERE.

A Big Help For A Small Business


Toffees in a Jar

Students visiting the Business Department were also asked to ‘Guess How Many Toffees Are In The Jar.’  The toffees have been counted (145) and the lucky winner is Toby Wheatley from Warmsworth Primary School who was the nearest with his estimate of 147 toffees. The jar will be delivered to Toby later this week.


Miss Elks,
Subject Leader – Business.