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As we believe that all teachers are teacher of reading, staff from all departments celebrate reading with their students. Each subject has developed a wider reading list to celebrate their subject outside of the classroom. These lists intend to extend student knowledge and passion beyond the curriculum.

During tutor time, all students (Y7-10) access a challenging Votes for Schools topic. Alongside the topic, all students will read an illuminating text, which helps students to access the challenging content and ensures every student is accessing reading during tutor time at least once a week. In addition, all students will learn the school’s “Word of the Week” and be offered the opportunity to use this word in class discussion or written work, gaining rewards for each time they use the word.

All students in KS3 will have a 50-minute Reading for Pleasure lesson once a week. Students will read engaging and relevant books with their Reading teacher, using varying reading strategies to secure their reading ability. Students will be exposed to diverse topics and a wide range of genres throughout the year.

We currently run extracurricular clubs that link to reading. There is a Reading Club run by Miss Gerrard on Wednesdays after school where students choose their favourite literature to create projects about. On Thursdays,  Miss Carter and Miss Allen run a writing club, where our favourite books are celebrated and used as inspiration to come eloquent writers. If your child is interested in attending a club, please ask them to speak to their English teacher.

Our House System has provided us with various opportunities to celebrate reading across the school. We have a Book Vending Machine situated centrally within school, which if filled with brand new books for students to be rewarded with or to buy. Books cost £4.50 or 450 House Points. We have also celebrated Reading through House Competitions. During World Book Day, students took part in several different competitions related to reading and had the opportunity to have their work displayed in the local Waterstones in Doncaster. Each half-term, Team English create a “Weekly Win” associated with reading, providing students with the opportunity to earn 5 House Points if they take part.

We have also celebrated a love of reading through our Enrichment offer. Throughout the year, we organise enrichment events for students to experience the book they are reading in English outside of the classroom. For example, in September, all Year 7 students watched a Falconry Experience during their reading of A Kestrel for a Knave. Students in Year 8 access a Gatsby experience to support their reading of The Great Gatsby. Selected Year 9 students were taken to Doncaster Library and Waterstones; each student was treated to a book of their choice. In addition, all students have had the opportunity to attend the theatre to expand on their understanding of literature and the arts.

The English instagram is regularly updated with reading updates @STWAEnglish