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CEIAG Post 16

CEIAG Post 16

Through our Post 16 provision, we support students in realising their potential, to aim high and to go on to do great things. Students leave us with the confidence and competence to compete for University places, higher-level apprenticeships and employment.

During Year 12, students made more aware of the opportunities available to them Post 18 through the Post 18 Readiness programme of assemblies, connection with U-explore and UCAS, university, careers and industry visits, as well as contact with employers as guest speakers. Students are supported in developing a broader set of attributes beyond their subjects to effectively prepare them to compete at a national level through the Post 18 Readiness Tracker. One-to-one tutor reviews take place throughout the year on a rolling programme guiding students to reflect and seize opportunities to develop in nine key areas:

  1. Existing achievement, with particular reference to subjects relating to the courses, apprenticeships or       jobs for which they may be applying
  2. Motivation and commitment towards their chosen course(s)
  3. Any relevant skills achievements, whether certificated or not
  4. Potential (other than predicted grades)
  5. Powers of analysis and independent thought
  6. Relevant curriculum enrichment and other activities
  7. Relevant work experience, such as work placements or voluntary work
  8. Proposed career plan
  9. Where relevant, their suitability for training for a particular profession

Focusing on their ideas about career pathways towards the end of Year 12, students are provided with guidance in relation to the application processes involved for study at university, for an apprenticeship or for employment, as relevant. They are encouraged to access open day events and summer school at university and industry settings.

Interview techniques are explored and practised at a general level and tailored at an individual basis for niche requirements – Oxbridge, Medicine, Midwifery, Nursing to name but a few. For those applying for the Arts and Architecture we support students in developing portfolios to be presented – quality assured at an industry level.

During Year 13 students continue to access open day events and are supported in formally applying for Post 18 opportunities. Personal statements and tutor references are secured against the nine key Post 18 Readiness areas, quality assured by Post 16 leaders. The decision making process is explored generally and at an individual level as offers from universities and employers are provided to students.

Whilst there is an emphasis on securing the grades for progression, we keep discussions live with regards to mile stones ahead e.g. how to prepare for results day; what to do when things go well; what is the back-up plan; applying for accommodation for those living away; applying for student finance and so on.

We are proud of the quality and broad range of progression opportunities that our students secure, as a result of the CEIAG Post 18 Readiness programme - pursuing, committing to and thriving within their subject and industry specialisms.

Very few of our students leave at the end of Year 12; those that do are given sound careers advice and guidance to support them with their next steps.