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Design Technology

Design and Technology not only focusses on the end product and its aesthetics but also looks at design problems we can solve and the changing needs of a technological society.  Students will address the solutions by undertaking research activities whilst considering the needs of individuals within our community and the wider world.​​

We prepare students to contribute to the modern world by having the ability to explore design problems for themselves, they will acquire knowledge, understanding and skills which allow them to make informed decisions about equipment, materials or ingredients and the way they work, they will have opportunities to specialise in specific materials enabling them to work with independence whilst developing problem-solving skills, creativity and resilience.​

Curriculum Principles:​​ ​

  • To secure student investment in their future career choices ​

  • To provide opportunities to explore the skills and qualities needed to promote excellence in the world of Design and Technology and Food/Nutrition​

  • To develop and apply subject specific knowledge, skills and concepts to different Design Technology contexts​

  • To ensure that all students have a thorough grounding in the latest industry requirements and work-ready skills e.g. teamwork ​

  • To support the holistic development of practical, problem-solving and thinking skills required to be successful in employment and higher education​

  • To prepare students for the challenges of the workplace by developing creativity and resilience whilst encouraging a determined, ‘can do’ approach.​


The teaching staff in the Design Technology department, led by Mrs Thorpe, are available to answer any questions you or your child may have. 

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