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Social Science


Our Social Sciences curriculum is built on stimulating student inquisitiveness of the world around them and aims to provide a foundation for scientific understanding of individual and societal behaviours. Through the examination and analysis of different perspectives, and psychological and sociological concepts, students will develop a holistic approach to explaining why we, and others in society, behave the way we do.

In studying Sociology, Psychology and Criminology, students will challenge pre-conceived ideas around community and human behaviour; making authentic connections between the disciplines, students will explore the impact of nature vs nurture, socialisation and institutions. Students will become proficient in critiquing research and theories, debating opposing explanations to behaviour and unpicking research allowing for the development of oracy skills.

As Social Scientists, students will develop the skills to enable them to execute their own research and generate new lines of enquiry. Drawing together theory and findings, students will challenge their own thought processes and consider modern and relevant explanations to make sense of human actions. The curriculum will allow students to confidently discuss societal issues and allow them to envision their ability to make a difference and the impact of research on policy development.

By introducing students to the world around them and building advanced knowledge and research competence, we provide students with the confidence required to succeed in higher education, confidently discuss their place in society and make a positive contribution to the world beyond Sir Thomas Wharton Academy.